Welcome to the Roswell Adoption Center!
Here you may adopt one of the babes of Roswell for your site.
Doing so is quite simple, all you have to do is follow the step by step instructions below & you're all set!

Sample Babe


1. Select you baby from the choices by clicking here.
(animated babymax is not avalible)

2. Once you have decided on the perfect babe, fill out the simple form by clicking here.

3. After completing steps one & two you're all finished. Simply copy & paste the following code into your website where you would like your baby to appear. Where it says BABYNAME, enter the name that appears under the babie's picture that you selected.

**keep the babie's name lowercase, the caps are just there to make it easier to see where you have to put it**

<table align=center width=45% border=2 bgcolor=#000000> <tr><td> <img src="http://anightonthetown.tripod.com/BABYNAME.jpg"> <font size=1> <font face="Times New Roman"> <br> <a href="http://anightonthetown.tripod.com/babes.html"> Click Here To Adopt<br> Your Babe of Roswell!</a> </td> <td> <font color="#FFFFFF"> <font size=2> Baby Name: <br><br> Adopted By: (your name) <br><br> On: (date) </td></tr> </table>