Title: Enough
Author: Donna
Rating: PG-13
Part: 1
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to do with ROSWELL and the WB. I just love this show.
Summary: This starts after midnight services and continues through the week up until New Years. They finally find out the truth about Liz, but is it to late to fix their friendship.
Feedback: I would love feedback. This is my first attempt at Fan Fiction. Any help would be appreciated.
Dedicated: This dedicated all my friends who have no clue as to why I love Roswell.

After midnight services Max walks Liz back to the Crashdown "What a wonderful night this turned out to be, would you like to come in for some Hot Chocolate?" asks Liz. She did not want this night to end.

Max looks at Liz and smiles. "Sure, just for a little while though" He didn't want the night to end either. He had made the decision to be friends with Liz again. He missed her. He meant what he said about how much he missed her friendship. The truth however was he still loved her. He was still haunted though, not by the Ghost of the man he didn't save, but by the images of Liz and Kyle in bed together. He is jarred from his thoughts as Liz pulls him into the Crashdown.

As they are settling down in their booth, the front door opens and in walks the rest of the gang. "I told you that they would be here" states Maria. They make their way to the booth and crowd around Max and Liz.

Everyone is in the best of moods. They are all laughing and carrying on. None of them are thinking about all the has transpired in the last months. Anyone watching them would think that they didn't have a care in the world.

As she looks at the group of people sitting around her, Liz couldn't remember the last time that they had been like this. She smiled and realized that this was her first genuine smile in months. Maybe after all the heartache and pain we have all been through, things could get back to normal, she thought. Normal, she chuckled to herself. If anything there was nothing normal about this group.

Michael and Maria had a very rocky relationship to say the least. But as she looked at them now, it was obvious that they were in love with each other. Maria had a glow about her that only Michael could bring out. Hard as he tried to keep that stone wall up, Maria, just kept chipping away at it. It was just a matter of time before she completely tore it down. She had to control her laughter when they started bickering back and forth. She guessed that fighting was the back bone of their relationship and for some reason it worked for them. Maria then kissed Michael and snuggled into his arms. Liz was happy for her best friend, but so jealous at the same time. Why was it that others could be happy and in love, but she had to sacrafice the love of her life. Why was she the choosen one. And then she looked at Tess.

As she looked at Tess, old feelings of resentment starting welling up inside of her. She was the reason that her and Max could not be together. She has just breezed into Roswell spouting that she was his destiny. She had made life pretty unbearable then, but nothing compared to how unbearable it was now. Her life had been ripped apart because of this girl. She should hate her, but she found that she couldn't. Her feelings for Tess were changing. As much as she hated to admit it. Tess herself was changing. She was becoming softer, more human. Without Nasedo around, she was able to tap into her human emotions. Liz knew that she had to get Max to accept his destiny with Tess. She would be heart broken, but all their lives depended on it. Tess would be take care of Max. She knew it was just a matter of time, she had made sure of that when she tricked Max into believing she slept with Kyle. She looked at Tess again realizing that she really wanted to be friends with her. Not just for Max's sake, but for her sake also.

Sitting next to Tess was Kyle. But this was a new Kyle. This was not the Kyle she knew when they were dating. Future Max had told her that Kyle was becoming a great guy and she had to agree. The self centered football jock was no more, and in his place was a new man that stood by Liz without question. That night he had told her that he found Buddha and that this was bringing peace and clarity into his life. She felt a closeness to him now that she had never felt before and she silently thanked Buddha for moving him in this new direction.

Liz was so deep in her thoughts, that she didn't realize her head was now resting on Max's shoulder.

Isabel was quick to notice this though. She looked from Max to Liz and smiled. This was the way things should be. She still was not really clear as to what was going on with their relationship. She figured it still had to do with Tess and the whole destiny situation. It was impossible not to see they loved each other. She hoped that Liz was coming to her senses about Max and his destiny. Isabel remembered how she was so opposed to Liz and Max dating, but Liz had proven time and time again that she was devoted to Max. She was devoted to all of them. She promised that she would never say another bad thing about Liz Parker again. Little did she know that was a promise she was not going to be able to keep.

"So I take it that you two are back together again" stated Isabel. Max seemed to be in his own world so she screamed his name again. "MAX" She was however surprised to receive the reaction that she got from him.

Max was in his own world as Liz laid her head on his shoulder. He just couldn't get the picture of Liz and Kyle in bed together. Try as he might to stop it, he kept replaying that night. He didn't think that he could feel and more pain then he did that night. His whole world crumbled in an instant. He loved Liz he couldn't deny that, but he didn't think that he could ever really forgive her. He was so confused. He was still in a daze when he heard Isabel scream his name. He looked at his Sister and asked her what she wanted.

"I said are the two of you back together or what?" Max froze. It was in that instant that he realized that Liz had her head on his shoulder. He moved to his left and watched Liz lift her head and look at him. "No we are not back together." His heart broke at the look that Liz gave him, but he was confused and he just couldn't deal with this right now. Looking at his Sister he said "It's late and Mom will be getting us up early to try another Martha Stewart recipe for breakfast." He looked at Liz one last time, grabbed his Sisters hand and walked out the door.

As she watched him walk out the door, anger took over her. That was the last straw, she had enough. He had told her that he believed in her. What the hell was that all about she fumed. As she got up from the booth, she couldn't make out the faces around her. She was so angry. "Get out, it's late and I need to clean up." One by one they got up and left. Liz didn't have to see their faces, she could feel their pity, but she didn't care. Maria walked up to Liz. "Do you want me to stay?" Liz saw Michael standing by the door. "Merry Christmas, Maria, now get out of here." She gave her Best Friend a hug and walked her to the door.

After cleaning up she went upstairs and got ready for bed. Once in bed all she could do was toss and turn. She was still angry about what Max has said. Sleep was something that just wasn't going to come tonight. As she made her way to the balcony, she grabbed her journal from its hiding place. Maybe this will help relieve some of this anger and frustration. She had to laugh out loud. She didn't think that anything could sooth her anger. Why couldn't he just trust me. After all that we have been through. "It's because of me" she screamed to herself. "I made him believe that he couldn't trust me" She threw herself down on the chair and opened her journal. There was the picture of her and max she was using as a book mark. As she looked at the couple in the picture anger blazed through her again. They looked so happy. She didn't think that she would ever be happy again. Once again she looked at the photo and crumpled it up in her hand. She walked over to the edge of the balcany and tossed it over the side. She watched as it hit the ground, then went back to her journal. After writing in her journal for hours, she began to get tired. Her anger had subsided, but she had made a decision. No one, including Max was ever going to hurt her again. TBC