Title: Enough
Author: Donna
Rating: PG-13
Part: 9
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to do with ROSWELL and the WB. I just love this show.
Summary: This starts after midnight services and continues through the week up until New Years. They finally find out the truth about Liz, but is it to late to fix their friendship.
Feedback: I would love feedback. This is my first attempt at Fan Fiction. Any help would be appreciated.
Dedicated: This dedicated all my friends who have no clue as to why I love Roswell.


Something must have gone wrong, he thinks as he paces back and forth through the kitchen. Looking at his watch, he notices that it had been almost two hours since Tess left and still no word from her. "This can't be good." He says as he continues his pacing. I bet that they've killed each other. He half laughs to him self. His frustration grows as he looks at his watch again and notices that only four minutes have passed. What am I going to say to her anyway? He had been going over ideas in his head, but nothing sounded right. What could he say to Liz to make up for all the heartache and pain that she had suffered. Pain the he had caused her. He wondered if she would even forgive him. Throwing himself on the couch with a sigh, he turns on the Televisions and begins flipping through the channels, unable to concentrate on anything that is on. I can't wait much longer, he thinks as he turns the TV off and heads towards the Kitchen for another round of pacing. "What the hell could they be talking about for two hours? He questions as he ends up back in front of the TV. It has to be broken, he thinks glancing at his watch again. This can't be right. Only two more minutes had passed since he last time. Max couldn't wait anymore, grabbing his jacket and his keys, he heads out the front door and towards the Crashdown.


Who would of thought that Liz and I would be sitting here eating breakfast, and as friends no less, Tess thinks to herself as she watches Liz scurry around the Kitchen of the Crashdown. It was hard to believe that not even two hours ago, she considered Liz to be one of her biggest threats. She couldn't believe how much had happened in the last week. Liz's secret had finally been revealed. They now knew that Liz had been visited by a future version of Max, who had told her that she had to make Max fall out of love with her. Why? Because if she didn't Tess would leave and that would cause the downfall of Isabel, Michael and their race. To do this she made it appear like she had slept with Kyle. But before any of them knew the truth, Michael, Isabel and herself had confronted Liz. It had turned ugly and before they knew it Liz was gone. Maria was the one who told them the truth, after she had punched Michael and Max in the face for snide remarks about Liz. Tess wasn't quite sure at what point it happened, but she found that she now had a new respect for Liz Parker.

"So tell me about your trip." Liz says from behind the counter as she places a plate of food in front of Tess. "I really haven't heard that much about it." Tess can only smile as Liz walks over and sits down next to her with Tabasco Sauce in hand. Between bites, Tess, describes her journey to New York. She can't help but giggle describing the place that Lonnie and Rath called home. It is then Liz's turn to giggle as Tess describes Max rambling on and on about not knowing how to be a leader, and how afraid he was as they accented to the top of the Empire State Building. "Should make for an interesting trip back home." Tess laughs cocking an eyebrow, as she points towards the sky. Both girls look at each other, which causes them to start laughing hysterically.


Looking through the Window of the Crashdown, Max can't believe his eyes. There sitting at the counter is Liz, the love of his life and Tess, his destiny. It looked as if they were laughing. There is definitely something wrong with this picture he laughs also thinking back to time when the two of them couldn't even stand to be in the same room together. Watching Liz laugh was a welcome sight. Neither one of them had much to laugh about these last few months. He was amazed at how her smile lit up her whole face and made her even more beautiful. Oh god how I love this woman, he thinks as he begins to pace, yet again. "Just open the door and let her know how much you love her." he whispers looking at his shaking hands. He begins to pulls the handle of the door and then stops. "I can't do this." he says walking into the alley behind the Crashdown. "Come on Max, be a man. Just open the damn door and talk to her." Taking a deep breath he heads towards the front door, only to walk past it again. "Why is this so hard. Come on Evan's, this is Liz, just talk to her." Taking another deep breath, he once again heads towards the door.

After they have finished their Breakfast, both Liz and Tess begin to clean up their mess. As Tess is walking around the counter, she catches a glimpse of Max as he is walking past the Crashdown. "Oh my god" she screams. Her out burst startles Liz and causes her to drop the plate that she is holding in her hand. "I forgot to call Max." she yelps looking at the door as he walks by yet again. What the hell is he doing? she wonders. "Call Max for what?" Liz asks. Before Tess can explain, Max enters through the front door. "Guess that is my cue to leave." she say grinning at them both. Turning to Liz, she hugs her friend and whispers in her ear. "Just listen to what he has to say. He loves you and I know you love him. You belong together. Just listen." Looking from Liz to Max she can't help but notice the terror on both of their faces. She hopeful that they can work through this. She walks towards Max only stopping long enough to mouths the words, sorry and good luck. And then it is just the two of them.


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