Title: Enough
Author: Donna
Rating: PG-13
Part: 10
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to do with ROSWELL and the WB. I just love this show.
Summary: This starts after midnight services and continues through the week up until New Years. They finally find out the truth about Liz, but is it to late to fix their friendship.
Feedback: I would love feedback. This is my first attempt at Fan Fiction. Any help would be appreciated.
Dedicated: This dedicated all my friends who have no clue as to why I love Roswell.

As Tess left the Crashdown she hoped that Max and Liz could work through this. After all that had happened, they just had to. She had finally realized that though she was Max's destiny, they did not belong together. It so obvious that Max and Liz have a special kind of love., she smiles. Glancing back towards the two, she notices that neither one has moved. "Go to her Max, You need each other." she whispers as she heads towards home.

All they can do is stare at each other from across the room. Not a sound is heard as they stand, each afraid that any movement will cause the other to disappear like some sort of bad dream. There is so much that needs to be said, but the words just won't come. Their bodies scream out for each other, for they had been apart far to long. Unable to not hold her any longer, Max takes a step forward and opens his arms towards Liz. She can only stare at the love of her life as his arms reach out for her. This has to be a dream she thinks as she continues to look at Max. Taking another step towards her, Max utters "Liz, PLEASE." his voice quivering. Complete and utter love is all she sees as she looks into his eyes. Taking her own step forward, Liz is instantly enveloped in his warm a loving embrace.

The tears fall freely from both of their eyes as they continue to hold each other. Neither of then can believe that the other is finally in their arms. "Oh Max, I am so sorry for everything. For all the pain that I've caused you. Oh my god Max, all those horrible things I said to you. I didn't mean it, I didn't mean any of it I would die you Max, I'd do anything for you. Always for you. Liz sobs into Max's shoulder as she tightens her arms around him.

His tears continue to fall down his face as he hears her words. "Oh, Liz. He says pulling away from her and looking into her eyes. "Can you ever forgive me for the way that I treated you. I should have trusted you. I have always known that our love was special, but I let it go, without even trying to fight for it, I let it go." I love you, Liz. If you can forgive me, I promise to never let it happen again."

"I love you too." she whispers smiling through her tears. Running his hand through her hair, he pulls her to him and places his lips on hers. It begins as a simple kiss, but became demanding as their passion for each other takes over. As the images appear, Max finally realizes all the Liz had sacrificed for him and all of them. He watches as she pretends to recite her wedding vows to him in the mirror. He feels her fear as the future version of himself appears from out of nowhere and her total shock as he tells her that she must make her Max fall out of love with her. As the images continue, he sees Liz talking to Tess and trying to help her make Max notice her. His heart breaks for the second time, as he relives that night she came to his window and told him that she didn't want to die for him. And tears blur his vision as he feels her complete devastation after she left him. "Oh god Liz." he sobs breaking their kiss as he looks into her eyes. "I'd do it again, Max. I'd do anything for you." she says as she runs her hand across his cheek.

Never in his life had he felt more complete then he did right now. "Thank you." he whispers smiling softly as he places another kiss on her lips.

"I don't know about you." she says laughing "but this has been the longest week of my life." Taking Max's hand she leads him into the back room and pushes him onto the couch. "Its been the longest couple of months." he grins pulling her beside him. "Promise, No more secrets." he states staring lovely into her eyes. "Ever" she says as she closes her mouth over his for another passionate kiss.


"Home sweet home." he thinks as he pulls up in front of the Crashdown. It had been a long couple of days and all Jeff Parkers was thinking about was checking on Lia and getting some sleep. Getting out of the car, he gets his travel bag from the trunk and heads for the front door. Pulling his keys from his pocket, he opens the door and steps inside. As he is walking through the resturant he wonders where Liz is. Pushing open the backroom door, he heads towards the stairs leading to his apartment. What he sees next causes him to stop dead in his tracks.