Title: Enough
Author: Donna
Rating: PG-13
Part: 11
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to do with ROSWELL and the WB. I just love this show.
Summary: This starts after midnight services and continues through the week up until New Years. They finally find out the truth about Liz, but is it to late to fix their friendship.
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Dedicated: This dedicated all my friends who have no clue as to why I love Roswell.

"Make love to me" she whispers into his ear, as Max continues to assault her neckline with his kisses. Max stops his assault on her neck and looks into her eyes. "Liz" he whispers back. "Are you sure" Watching her face for an answer. As he looks into her eyes, all he can see is her complete trust and love for him. "I love you Liz, always." he says moving his mouth over hers. As their kisses continue they become more demanding. Needing to feel more of him, Liz begins to take off Max's shirt, breaking their kiss long enough to remove it. I must be in heaven, she thinks as she moves her hands over the smooth skin of his body. Max begins placing fevered kisses along her neck, but stops as he reaches the top button of her shirt. "Are you sure" he whispers again looking into her beautiful brown eyes. Staring back into his eyes, she begins to unbutton the top button.

"What the hell is going on here" Jeff Parker bellows not believing the sight he sees before him. "Daddy" Liz screams jumping up, knocking a bare chested Max to the floor. Recovering from the shock, Max gets up off the floor and finds himself standing face to face with Liz's father. "You have two seconds to get the hell out of her,before I do something that I might regret. I don't ever want you to see my daughter again. Do you hear me" he growls at Max. "Daddy, No" Liz screams pushing herself in-between Max and her father. "I love him, and I have been through hell this summer without him. I won't lose him again, I can't." she sobs as the tears begin to fall down her cheeks.

His heart breaks as he watches his only daughters tears fall. "Lizzy" he says, taking a step towards her, stopping only when he hears Max speak. "Mr. Parker, I love your daughter, I always have, if you would just let me talk to you alone." He watches as his daughters eyes widen in surprise. "No Max, you don't have to do that." she cries. "Yes I do." he says looking at her Father. "Go upstairs, I think it is a good idea that Max and I have a talk." Jeff states pointing towards the stairs. Liz turns and looks at Max, "It's ok" he whispers smiling down at her. "Go on, I'll see you later." They both watch as she slowly ascends the stairs, turning around halfway up to look back at them. "Go on" he mouths, still smiling at her. She gives a him a half smile and continues, closing the door behind her. "Put your shirt on and meet me in the Cafe" Jeff growls as he turns to enter the restaurant. "I need some coffee".

Alone with his thoughts, Max looks for his shirt. Great we finally get back together and this had to happen. Way to go Evans. Finding his shirt, he puts it back on and heads towards the man that will determine his destiny with Liz.

Entering the cafe, he finds Jeff Parker behind the counter making a pot of coffee. "Sit down Max" he says pointing at the stools in front of the counter. "Want some coffee, you look like you had a long night too." Max can only nod as he makes his way to the stool.

Jeff watches as Max makes his way to the stool and sits down. They remain silent as he pours two cups of coffee and places them on the counter. Walking around the counter, he takes the seat next to Max and begins speaking. "I can only go by what I saw back there, and it looked like you and Liz were getting pretty serious. She is my little girl and it is my job to protect her. Can you understand that" he asks looking Max directly in the eye. Again all Max can do is nod. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't stop you two from ever seeing each other again"

Pondering Jeff's words, Max can think of nothing to say at first. Then images of Liz begin to flash in his mind. His beautiful Liz. Images of her smiling, laughing, dancing and even crying. Each image more beautiful then the next. With a smile covering his face, he looks up and says "I can give you several" Watching the look of shock that covers Mr. Parker's face, he continues

"I have loved your Daughter from the first day I met her. We were just kids, but I just knew she was the one. I watched her from a far as she grew into the beautiful woman she is today. And I couldn't believe it when she chose me, the guy who was to scared to speak to her for so many years. But she wanted to be with me. Me!! The happiest day of my life, was the day that Liz Parker told Max Evans that she loved him. I do love her and I would never hurt her, you have to believe that. Without her I can barley breath. I need her and she needs me. Without her this summer it was torture. Please Mr. Parker, don't take her away from me. he cries as a tear falls from his eye. "I plan to marry her someday and make her the happiest that I can."

Jeff Parker can only stare at the man in sitting in front of him. He didn't know why, but he believed every word that Max said. His thoughts drift back to the past summer. Liz had gone to visit his Sister in Florida. Before she left she was miserable. Except when she was working, most of her time was spent in her room. Many nights as he walked past her door, he thought he heard her crying and now he knew that she was. A small smile crossed his lips as he recalled the night that Max sang to her from the alley below, accompanied by a Maruichi Band. It was obvious that they were in love and even if he forbid them from seeing each other, he knew that they would find a way to be together. "I don't approve with what I saw this morning, you are both to young to be having sex. Don't ask me why, but I trust you Max, I know that my Lizzy loves you and that you return that love. But if you ever hurt her, then you will have to deal with me and her Mother. Understand" he asks getting up from the stool he was sitting on.

"I'd have to deal with her Mother" he asks thoughtfully. "I don't think I would like that, would I" he asks grinning. Jeff Parker had to laugh at the look on Max's face. "No, I don't think you would." he states grinning back. "Now go home. You can talk to Lizzy later"

"Just one more thing. Tomorrow is New Years Eve and I was wondering if we could ring in the New Year here. I'd like to make it special for Liz. You won't have to do anything. I'll do it all" Max asks. Jeff looks at the Max and nods his head. "I'll supply all the food and drinks and all you need to do is decorate if you want." Grinning from ear to ear, Max extends his hand towards Liz's Father. "Thank you for everything Mr. Parker" Max says shaking Jeff's hand. "Your welcome. Now go home" Still smiling, Max turns around and runs through the front door of the Crashdown.

If I don't hear something soon, I am going to die. Liz thinks to herself as she paces back and fourth in her room. It had been almost thirty minutes and she still didn't know what was going on. She is pulled from her thoughts by a knock on the door. "Lizzy can I come in" Jeff asks his daughter. "Come in Daddy" she answers back. Entering her room, he looks at his daughter standing before him. Gone is his cherub faced little girl, here stood a beautiful and intelligent woman. "Where did my little girl go" he asks continuing to look at Liz. "She grew up Daddy" she answers. "I know" he whispers as he takes her into his arms. As his tears fall, he kisses the top of her head. "Just promise me that you'll wait until after Graduation." Pulling out of his embrace, Liz looks at her Father in confusion. "Your wedding" he says smiling through his tears. Unable to speak, she can only look at her Father dumb founded. "That must have been one heck of a conversation" she says once she gets her wits back. Smiling at his Daughter, he turns to leave. "It was, it really was" he grins closing the door behind him.


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