Title: Enough
Author: Donna
Rating: PG-13
Part: 12
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to do with ROSWELL and the WB. I just love this show.
Summary: This starts after midnight services and continues through the week up until New Years. They finally find out the truth about Liz, but is it to late to fix their friendship.
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Dedicated: This dedicated all my friends who have no clue as to why I love Roswell.

"There is no way that this just happened" Liz says aloud as she watches her father leave her room. "There is no way that my father, just gave me permission to marry Max Evan's. OH MY GOD" she screams dancing around her bedroom. "MY FATHER JUST GAVE ME PERMISSION TO MARRY MAX EVAN"S"

"What have I gotten myself into" Jeff Parker whispers, leaning against the closed door to his daughters bedroom. "Her mother is going to kill me" Laughing he heads off to his own bedroom to get some much needed sleep.

She didn't think that she would ever be this happy again, and after the last few months, who could blame her. But she didn't want to think about that now. Her and Max were together and she was determined that nothing was ever going to come between them again. The phone ringing brings her out of her thoughts.


"I just wanted to hear you voice. I wanted to make sure that this was real." the voice on the other end says.

"It's real Max, I promise you that it is real"

"I love you Liz Parker"

"I love you Max Evans" she laying down on the bed.

"Have you talked to your father yet"

"Yes, he just left. what exactly did the two of you talk about" she asks intrigued.

"I'm afraid that is something that must remain between your father and I." he says laughing.

"Max Evan's, I thought we said no more secrets"

"Well I can tell you this much. He is allowing me to throw you the biggest and the best New Years Eve Party tomorrow night, right there at the Crashdown."

"Oh my god, I almost forgot that tomorrow is New Years Eve" she says with a yawn.

"I know that your tired, we've had a long night. Get some sleep. I'll call you later." he says himself yawning.

"Your not going to come to the Crashdown tonight" she asks disappointed.

"Not tonight. I think that we should give your father some time for all this to set in. He laughs. "I'll call you later"

"I love you" she whispers into the phone.

"And I love you" he whispers back. "Now get some sleep"

Hanging up the phone, Liz snuggles under the blankets of her bed and drifts off to sleep, dreaming about the day that Max Evan's and Liz Parker would become man and wife.


Liz was brought out of her slumber, by the rumbling of her own stomach. As she climbed out of bed, she realized that the last time she had eaten was earlier this morning with Tess. No wonder I'm hungry, she thinks to her self and heads for the Crashdown.

As she enters the kitchen of the Crashdown she bumps into someone. "Oh, I'm sorry" she says looking up, coming face to face with Michael. Anger rages through her as she recalls the night that him and Isabel had attacked her. "Liz, I" but before he can finish, Liz stops him. "Save it Michael. I don't want to hear anything that you or Isabel have to say. EVER" she screams at him as she turns and runs back up the stairs leading to her apartment. Michael can only stand there in silence as he watches Liz run away. "We have to do something about this Michael" says Maria as she enters the kitchen.

"You heard her, she doesn't want anything to do with us" he states matter of factly and walks back into the kitchen.

"Oh no, we are gong to make this better and I know just the person to call" Walking to her locker, she gets her cell phone and calls Max. She tells him about situation that has just occurred. "Ok, I'll call an emergency meeting at the Crashdown tonight. I'll bring Isabel and everyone else, but you have to make sure that Michael stays there"

"That shouldn't be too hard, since he's working tonight" she whispers into the phone, afraid that Michael might hear what she was saying. "Max, what about Liz. I haven't had a chance to talk to her myself yet"

"I'll call Liz and tell her to meet me downstairs. I'll tell her that I want to surprise her. She thinks that I am going to stay home tonight, and give her father time to adjust to our little talk today"

"Little talk" she question. "What little talk. When did Mr. Parker come home, I thought he was out of town. You gotta fill me in Max"

"Not right now Maria, we have to get this over between Liz, Michael and Isabel. Remember make sure that Michael doesn't leave"

"Yah Yah Yah. Just hurry up already" she continues to whisper.

"Just give me thirty minutes"


Anger coursed through Liz's veins as she paced back and fourth in her bedroom. He has a lot of nerve to try and talk to me after what they did, she fumes as she continues her pacing. Who does he think he is? Does he think that I am just going to forget about what happened, just because Max and I are back together doesn't mean anything. She is so wrapped up in her ranting that she doesn't hear the phone ring. "Lizzy, phone for you" her father yells down the hall. She knows who it is before she even picks up the receiver. "Max" she says trying to control her anger. "Hi Liz, I can't wait until tomorrow to see you. Can you meet me downstairs in about half an hour"

"Couldn't we just meet on my balcony"

"Actually I am starving. Since my parents are away, Isabel has been cooking and she is almost as bad as my mother" he laughs.

"Ok, I'll see you in thirty minutes" he says hanging up before Liz has a chance to say anything else.


His next call was to Tess. He explained all that Maria had told him and explains his plans for the evening. Tess agrees to meet Max at the Crashdown in twenty minutes. Two down one more to go, he thinks approaching Isabel's closed bedroom door. Knocking, he receives no response. He knocks again, but still he gets no response. Opening the door he finds Isabel sitting on the floor surrounded by what looks to be her whole wardrobe. "Spring cleaning" he chuckles entering her room. Startled, Isabel looks up and notices her brother standing in the doorway. "What" she says obviously distracted. "I said are you doing spring cleaning" pointing at the cloths all over the floor. "No, I just thought that I would rearrange my closet. I haven't done it in a long time"

"The only time that you arrange anything is when your upset. Now what's wrong" knowing the answer already. "Nothing...It's just this whole Liz thing. I don't know how... what to do about it. I know that she hates me and Michael right now and after all that she gave up for us" she cries as her eyes begin to water. "Liz doesn't hate you, she is just upset. How about we go over there tonight and talk things out with her" he says clearing a spot for himself and sitting by his sister. "I can't Max, I just can't face her right now" "Is, you have to do this sooner or later and with all that has happened, I think that sooner is best. We need to be done with all that happened in the past. We are stronger as a group and that includes "all" of us" he says placing his arms around his sister. Glancing at her brother, she smiles and nods her head. "Just let me finish this first and then we can go" she says looking around the room.

"Here, let me help you with that" he laughs grabbing an armful of clothes and throwing them in her direction. Isabel can't help but laugh as she watches her clothes fall in a big heap at her feet. "Lets just get this over with" he states grabbing her hand and leading her out to the jeep.

Michael and Maria work in silence as they close the Crashdown for the night. Mr. Parker had allowed them to close early because this time of year business tended to be slow. What is taking them so long, she thinks to her self as she places the chairs on the table. She feels herself relax as Max, Isabel, and Tess enter the Crashdown. Taking their normal booth, Maria walks up to them. "It's about time. What they hell took so long" she whispers. "I had to help Isabel finish her spring cleaning" he chuckles looking at a grinning Isabel. "Spring cleaning" Maria asks as Tess and her look at them in confusion. Finishing the last of the kitchen, Michael walks over to the booth and sits down. "What's up Maxwell"

"I just thought that we should discuss all that we have learned this last week" Looking at his friends. "So much has happened and we allowed ourselves to break apart. We need to stay together, because we are stronger as a whole. We..." Looking up he notices the retreating figure of Liz.

She couldn't believe her eyes. Max had asked her to come down and meet him for dinner and here she finds him surrounded by Isabel, Michael, Maria and Tess. I just can't deal with this tonight, she thinks as she walks back into the backroom. "Liz wait" she hears Max say as he places his arms around her waist. "I don't know what your trying to pull here Max, but it's not going to work" she growls trying to break the hold he had her in. "This has gone on long enough" he yells picking her up and carrying her to the booth. Forcing her to sit on his lap, Max looks around the table at all of his friends. They sit in uncomfortable silence, each too afraid to say anything. "We all know why we are here" he starts "We have to get through this. Maria"

Maria looks around the table and then at Liz. "Oh Liz, I am so sorry for spilling your secret, but they had to know. You and Max were so both so hurt and it just kept getting worse, then..." stopping she looks at Michael and Isabel and the looks of guilt on their face. "and then they other night, I saw them..what happened. I had to tell them, can you ever forgive me" tears begins to fall down Maria's face as she gets up and walks over to Liz. "Please Liz, I know you trusted me, but..." Liz takes Maria's hand. "I still trust you. I know why you told them and I understand" Looking at Max, he nods and releases her. Liz grabs her best friend and hugs her with all her might. "I love you Liz" Maria whispers as her tears continue to fall. Her own tears falling Liz places a kiss on Maria's cheek and hugs her again. "I know, I love you too" "Isabel" Max nods towards his sister. Sensing her moves before she has a chance to leave, Max grabs Liz around the waist again and pulls her to him. Not looking at Liz, Isabel begins. "Liz, I hope that one day you can forgive me. I am so sorry for the way that Michael and I treated you, but mostly for the way I treated you. If I would have thought about it more, I would have realized that you weren't capable of something like that, but I was so angry, not just at you, but at everything that has been going on. I shouldn't have taken it out on you and I hope that someday you can forgive me for everything that I have said and done yesterday and in the past. I know that you might not believe this, but I value your friendship and I will do whatever it takes to get it back"

Max can feel Liz trembling in her arms, he knew he should stop, but this had to be done tonight. "Michael" she says looking at his friend. Michael looks around the restaurant and then at Liz. "Sorry" he says plainly. "Sorry, is that all you have to say for yourself, Michael" Max growls as he looks at Michael in shock. "What do you want me to say Max" he yells getting up from the booth. "Do you want me to say that I feel bad about what happened, because I do. I feel horrible. Do you want me to tell you that I question what kind of man I am because I attacked a woman. A woman that has been there for us...for me ever since I met her. even though I have treated her with nothing but disrespect" Tears begin to stream down his face as he continues. Is that what you want. Do you want me to tell you that I do respect her, but I am too proud to admit it. That I..."

"I love you too Michael" Liz whispers. "What" Michael yells turning towards Liz. "How can you say that, after all I have put you through"

Getting up from Max's lap, Liz walks over to Michael and places her arms around him. She feels him stiffen in her embrace, but as Max did with her, she refuses to let go. "Your part of my family and families fight. I love you Michael, no matter what you do or say I will always love you and even though you never said it, I always knew that you loved me. Liz tightens her embrace even more as Michael tears turn into sobs. "I am so sorry Liz, please forgive me" No one speaks as they watch the scene in front of them. Tears are in each of their eyes as Liz holds a sobbing Michael.

"Who would have thought that you would be the one to break it down" Maria speaks, breaking the silence as they all look in her direction. "The stone wall" she says with a giggle. No one says a word as they sit in stunned silence. "Sorry" Maria mutters under her breath. Then it began. It started out as a small giggle and then moved into more giggles and then exploded into a total fit of laughter. "I'm sorry" Liz says stepping back from Michael, as her laughter continues. He can only stare at her, but it is just a matter of seconds before he is laughing right along with her. Taking her hand Michael leads her back to the booth were she proceeds to plop down into Max's lap. Leaning back she lays her head against his chest and sighs. "Thank you for tonight" she whispers placing a soft kiss on his lips. "Your welcome" he says deepening their kiss. "Oh god" here we go again" Isabel groans, pretending to be annoyed as the table erupts into laughter.


I know I know, one more chapter I promise. Donna!!