Title: Enough
Author: Donna
Rating: PG-13
Part: 13
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to do with ROSWELL and the WB. I just love this show.
Summary: This starts after midnight services and continues through the week up until New Years. They finally find out the truth about Liz, but is it to late to fix their friendship.
Feedback: I would love feedback. This is my first attempt at Fan Fiction. Any help would be appreciated.
Dedicated: This dedicated all my friends who have no clue as to why I love Roswell.

"What are you thinking about Max whispers" Noticing that Liz seems to be somewhere else. Liz looks at Max and smiles placing a light kiss on his lips. "I was just thinking about all that has happened this week" She says kissing him once again.

"Liz, I hope you meant what you said when you told everyone that you could forgive them" he says worriedly.

"I Meant every word of it Max. I promise"

Running his hands through her hair, Max pulls Liz closer to his body as he begins nibbling on her sensitive neck. "I love you, Liz" he whispers moving his kisses up her chin until her reaches her soft lips. Liz wraps her arms around Max's neck and allows him access to her eager mouth. "Get a room you two" Isabel laughs from across the table.

A blush spreads across both of their faces as they pull away from each other. "I think that it is time to call it a night" Max says still blushing. "We all need to get some sleep, because we have a lot of work to do if we want to have this New Years Eve Party"

They all nod in agreement as one by one they leave the Crashdown and head for home.

"Where do you think your going" Liz giggles, as Max tries to get out from the booth. "I am going home and to bed, which is where you should be heading also"

"Will you be joining me" she questions as an evil grin crosses her face. "We still have some unfinished business"

"I don't think that your father could handle catching us a second time" he grins back, pushing her up off his lap and pulling her into his embrace.

"I want you and Maria to stay out of the Crashdown tomorrow" Max warns a surprised Liz. "Michael, Isabel, Tess and myself want to make tomorrow night special for you and Maria. Promise me that you'll stay away from here"

"I promise" she says kissing him again.


"What am I going to wear" a frantic Maria screams as she throws yet another outfit from her closet over her head. Giggling Liz begins to pick up the discarded clothes and places them on the bed. "This is ridicules, I have absolutely nothing to wear for tonight" she continues her rant heading for the dresser. "Maria breath" Liz says grabbing her friend by the arm. "What do you mean that you have nothing to wear, you have enough clothes to start your own clothing store. Give me a minute and I will find something for you to wear." Liz begins to go through the stack of clothes that she has accumulated on the bed. "Jeez Maria you really have to get rid of some of this stuff. Isn't this the top that we..."

"Where are my two best girls" a voice asks as Maria's bedroom door opens. "ALEEEEEEEEX" Maria screams throwing herself into her other best friends arms. "I have missed you so much. You have no idea what has been gong on since you left. Michael and Isabel attacked Liz and then I punched Michael and Max out. And then you should have seen it. Michael broke down in front of everyone and Liz was the one that finally broke through the stone wall, even though I thought it was gong to be me, but that's ok, at least someone did and...."

"Maria...come up for air girl" Liz giggles as she walks up to Alex and hugs him. Shrugging her shoulders, Maria walks into the bathroom and takes a shower. "Welcome home Alex. I really have missed you so much while you were gone"

"So fill me in on all that has happened and start with the part about Isabel and Michael attacking you Liz" Alex sits on the bed waiting for Liz to fill him in.

"Oh and Alex, their throwing us a New Years Eve Party in like two hours and now your here. Maria yells as she once again enters the room. "Shit Liz this thing starts in two hours. There is no way that I will be ready in two hours. I haven't even picked out my outfit and....Alex I know that your not wearing that to the party. You gotta go change... I gotta go change...Come on Liz hurry up and help me get ready"

As Liz once again sifts through that pile of clothes on the bed, she fills Alex in on the events of the last few months that lead to everything that happened this week. "So let me get this straight. You pretended to sleep with Kyle, because a Future Max told you to make This Max fall out of love with him...and Michael and Isabel attack you for it and then Tess and you become friends..and now your friends with everyone...except for Max, who you are now dating again. Do I have all of it now." a confused Alex asks.

"You have most of it" Liz states as she throws an outfit at Maria. "Here, this is what your wearing tonight. Now go get dressed and I don't want to hear another word from you. GO"

"Man, you found this is my closet. I didn't even know that I had this. Your the best Liz" Hugging Liz Maria heads towards the bathroom to change.

As Liz starts to get ready herself, she explains everything to Alex all over again. When she is finished all her can do is look at Liz with awe. "Your one hell of a woman Liz"

"Alex...come on now, leave Liz alone she has to get ready and you still have to go home and change" a frantic Maria yells entering the room yet again. Throwing his hands up in defeat, he hugs his friends once again and heads home to change.


"What time is it" a nervous Max asks Isabel. "It's about two minutes later then the last time you asked her" Michael laughs from the kitchen. "Calm down Maxwell or you are going to give yourself a heart attack"

"I can't help it. I just want everything to be perfect for Liz tonight. I owe her at least that much for everything that she has done for me"

"We all owe her a lot and everything looks wonderful. So stop worrying will ya" Isabel says placing her arm across his shoulder. "Now lets get this party started" With a wave of her hand the lights in the Crashdown dim and the Music begins to play. "Come on Max, dance with your sister. I have a feeling that once Liz gets here, I won't have the chance to dance with you" Smiling Max takes his sisters hand and leads her to the dance floor.

"I don't think that I should be here" Kyle states nervously as he and Tess sit in his truck outside the Crashdown. "I know that you said that Max forgave Liz, but..."

"Kyle" Tess whispers "Max will forgive you. He knows that you pretended to sleep with Liz because she asked you ...and besides, I want you there"

"You do" Kyle asks astonished. Nodding Tess moves forwards and places a kiss on Kyle's lips. "I've wanted to do that for awhile now" she giggles opening her door and stepping out. "So are you coming in or not"

Throwing open his door, Kyle jumps out of his truck and runs over to where Tess stands. "That's what I thought" she says smiling up at him. Taking his hand she leads him into the Crashdown.

Max is the first to notice Tess and Kyle enter the restaurant. "I'll be right back" he whispers into his sisters ear, nodding towards Kyle and Tess as he heads in their direction. "Hey Tess...Kyle" he says greeting them. "Tess can you excuse us for a few minutes. I want to talk to Kyle alone" Squeezing his hand, Tess smiles at him and goes to join Isabel. "Follow me" Max states as he heads for the backroom.

Great Kyle thinks following Max. He wants to take me out back where there are no witnesses and kill me. Once they enter the backroom, they stand in silence. Come on Max this easy. he says to himself as he begins pacing the floor. Kyle watches nervously as Max paces back and forth. "Look Evans, I know that you pissed because of what you saw, but you have to believe me, nothing happened. She needed a favor and me being her friend had to help her" Max stops pacing and stands in front of Kyle. Oh great Valenti, now you've really pissed him off. "Kyle, I have to admit when I saw you in bed with Liz that night, all I could think about after was how many ways I could kill you. You wouldn't believe how many ways there are to kill a man" he chuckles looking Kyle dead in the face. "But now I know why you went along with it and I want to thank you for that"

"Thank me" Kyle asks as confusion covers his face.

"Yes Kyle I want to thank you for being there for Liz when she needed you. She needed someone and you were there for her. Even after the way I treated you that day when everyone disappeared, you still let me know that you would look out for her. I am glad that your Liz's friend..and mine"

Confusion turns to shock at Kyle listens to his words. "Your..Your welcome" he stutters as he extends his hand towards Max. Max looks at the hand that is being offered to him and then looks at Kyle. Pushing his hand away Max grabs Kyle and embraces him. "I mean it..Thank you for being there for her"

"Is there something I need to know about going on between the two of you" Liz giggles as he watches the two men break away from each other quickly. "Max was..um.." Kyle stammers as his face becomes bright red. "I was just thanking him for being there for you when I wasn't" Max continues for him as his face also becomes red. "I better get out there" Kyle says pointing towards the door. "Tess is probably wondering if I'm dead yet"

"Tess..huh. What exactly is going on with you and Tess" Liz asks looking at Kyle as Max pulls her to him wrapping his arms around her and begins kissing her.

Nothing your interested in at the moment he chuckles to himself as he leaves the backroom and enters the restaurant.

They continue their kissing until they have no choice but to come up for air. Liz sighs contently as she rests her head on Max's strong chest. "If only we could stay like this forever" she whispers snuggling even closer into his body. "We will one day" he whispers into her hair. Minutes later he breaks their embrace and leads Liz over to the couch. Her body tightens as she notices the look of concern on his face. "Have a seat Liz. I need to talk to you about something" Trembling slightly she sits down.

"I can't stop replaying those words that you said to me that night after you tried to get me and Tess together. You said that your life was only in danger when you were with me and that you wanted to get married and have children..and that you wanted your children to be safe. I know that you said you didn't mean those words" Now kneeling down in front of her. "But..Liz your life WILL always be in danger and if we do get married and have kids, they WILL be in danger also. I love you Liz. I have from the very first time I saw you. But I need to know...I need to know if my love is enough...'

"Oh Max" Liz sobs as she throws her arms around his neck. "I love you so much...and I don't care how dangerous your life is. As long as where together, we can get through anything. I long for the day that we get married and Children....Max we can worry about children when the time comes. As for you love being enough. It's more then enough, it always has been. Please Max, understand this. I love you and I will always be by your side...no matter what"

As his own tears start to fall, Max reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box. He watches her eyes light up as he opens it. "Liz I love you with all my heart. You and I share the same soul and I can't wait for the day that I make you my wife. I've dreamed of that day for so long. I know that this is not a real engagement ring, but this ring signifies my devotion to you and the promise that one day we will be together for ever. As their tears continue to fall, Max places his promise ring onto Liz's finger. "Will you do me the honor of someday becoming my wife"

Unable to speak, Liz can only stare at the beautiful ring that Max has placed on her finger. It's really going to happen. I'm really going to become Max's wife. Looking from her ring to Max she can't help but smile at the look of nervousness on his face as he waits for her answer. Still unable to speak, Liz can only nod her head as she throws her body against Max, knocking them both to the floor. "I take it this is a yes" he chuckles as she places tiny kisses all over his face. "Yes Max...Oh yes" she sobs as she continues to cover his face, finally reaching his lips she draws his mouth open with her tongue and deepens their kiss.

"Come on you two it's almost midnight" Maria yells as she enters the backroom and finds Max and Liz laying on the floor making out. "Well I guess that you have your own way of ringing in the New Year" Turning around she leaving them to their privacy.

NINE... "Max..." Liz whispers pulling her lips away from his. "It's almost mid..." Her sentence cut short as Max begins to kiss her again.
SEVEN... "Come on Max...We have to get out there and ring in the New Year with our..." Again his lips find hers stopping her in mid sentence.
FIVE... "MAXWELL EVANS" she laughs loudly. Jumping up off the floor, she pulls him with her into the restaurant.
THREE... They chime in reaching their friends.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! They all scream at the top of their lungs and one by one they begin kissing their significant others.

Michael pulls a squealing Maria into his arms. As he kisses her, he welcomes the new year. He whispers promises into her ear. Promises that will change their relationship for the better.
"I love you Maria"
"And I love you too Space boy"

Tess smiles as Kyle pulls her against his body and places a kiss on her lips. "I don't want to scare you Kyle, because it sure scares the hell out of me, but I think that I have fallen in love with you" Now it is Kyle's turn to smile. "Tess, Your not the only one who is scared, but I think that I have fallen in love with you too"

Isabel lightly kisses Alex on the cheek. "Happy New Year Alex. I'm so glad that your home...I've...miss...missed you" Alex looks at Isabel...Isabel the woman that he has loved for so long now. "I need to know Isabel" he states looking into her eyes. "Know what Alex" she asks questionably. "I need to know if we can only be friends....or can we be more. I want more Is, but I'm not willing to wait around anymore while you decide. I need to know tonight and if we can only be friends, that's fine I'll still be here for you...but I have to know" Isabel smiles at Alex "Oh Alex...The whole time you were gone all I could think about was you. I missed you. I don't want to be just friends anymore. I want more...so much more. I love you Alex. I have for a long time...I was just to stupid to tell you" Grinning from ear to ear, Alex dips Isabel backwards and kisses her like she has never been kissed before.

Leading Liz to the dance floor, Max engulfs her in his arms. As they sway to the music, Liz can't help but stare at the ring that Max has placed on her finger. "I can't believe that one day you and I will be married...bond together for ever" she whispers against his chest. "Believe it Liz. I am never letting you go...You are mine forever."
"Forever...I like the sound of that" she says as he moves his face downwards and covers her lips with his.

"Happy New Year Max. I love you"
"Happy New Year Liz. I love you always"

THE END!!! Well I hope that this made you dreamer out there happy. We can only hope that a reunion between Max and Liz will be here soon. I would really like to hear what you think of this story. I have been thinking about doing a sequel, but your feedback will make that decision for me. Thanks!! Donna!!