Title: Find out the Truth

Author: Raychell68
Disclaimer: None of character belong to me. All are property of WB and Jason Katims, well, except for the character Jennifer.
Category: Other, Everyone but main focus Liz.
Rating: PG
Part: 3
Summary: Liz finds out she is more important to the Pod Squad than she realizes.
Spoilers: What might happen with the death of Alex being predicted
Authors Notes: This is my first fan fiction, so, I welcome feed back.

Everyone sat around Liz's living room eating and laughing. Talking about all the good times they had spent with Alex. It was around midnight when everyone started to leave.

"Liz, will you be in school tomorrow?" Kyle asked while he was getting up from couch to get ready to leave. "Of coarse, Liz, will be there! Liz Parker never misses more than one day of school if she can help it," Maria said. "Yes, I will be there but only if you guys will leave so I can get some sleep," Liz answered with a slight yawn.

As everyone began to get up and go out the door Max stopped in front of Liz. "Hey, I know it's late, but can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Um, sure, let me walk everyone out and we can talk." Liz said wondering what Max wanted to talk about.

(Back in Liz's living room)

"What did you want to talk about Max?" Liz asked after everyone went home. Maria took Michael and Isabel home leaving the Jeep for Max to drive back when he was done talking with Liz. Kyle and Tess drove home together.

"Well, I wanted to make sure you were doing alright," Max started. "I wanted you to know that if you need anything...you know like to talk or a shoulder to cry on I am here for you."

Liz smiled and once again she got lost in Max's soulful eyes. How easy it would be just to fall into Max's arms and let him take care of her. Even after everything he still cared deeply for her. It seemed even after her lie to him about her sleeping with Kyle his feelings for her hadn't changed at all. Unfortunately, she needed him not to feel that way towards her. She needed to keep pushing him away for everyone's sake. She needed to be strong for all of them. She needed to let the lie continue even if it meant she would never be with the man she loved and adored.

"Max, that is sweet of you to offer, but I will be okay," Liz said. "I just need sometime to be by myself, but thank you for your concern."

"You know Liz I still care for you, and a part of me will always..."Max started to say before getting interrupted by Liz.

"I know Max," she said not wanting him to finish his sentence. "But, this is something I need to get through on my own."

"Um, well, I better get going it is getting late and we both have school tomorrow. So, I will see you in biology tomorrow, right," asked Max before heading out.

"Yeah, I will see you there," Liz said with a warm smile on her face.


(Liz's Dream)

Liz is in Alex's house. She sees Alex on the phone and can tell he's talking to Isabel. He seems a bit agitated about something. She can see him trying to gain control over himself. She begins to call out to him but he can't hear her. She is just an observer watching the events unfold in front of her.

"Okay, Isabel, I will be over after the delivery guy comes, k. I will see you in about an hour." Alex says just before hanging up the phone.

Just then the doorbell rings. Alex opens the door and she sees Jerry the delivery boy. "Hey, man, I see you got my food there. Good thing too my stomach is growling.

"Yeah, I can hear it from outside the door." Jerry said with a laugh while he hands Alex the bag with his food in it.

Alex grabs the bad and takes it to his nose and smells it. All of a sudden he seems to change. He throws down the food and starts to rant, "I can't do this anymore...Do you hear me I can't do this anymore!"

Jerry startled, "Hey, man, what are you talking about?"

Alex just ignores him, and continues his rant. He grabs the receipt out of Jerry hands and scribble something down, and hands it back to him. Jerry getting freaked out by the scene just backs away and heads to his car.

After Jerry leaves Alex begins ranting again, "It's all wrong...everything is wrong. It's a lie!" with that Alex grabs his keys and coat and starts to rush out the front door.

Liz watching all this starts to follow Alex but before she can Alex stops and turns around and say, "Liz, you have to find out the truth. Liz, be careful, people know about you."

"Alex, what are you talking about. Please, Alex tell me!" Liz begs wanting to know what is going on.

"Liz, find out the truth! All will be revealed when you find out the truth. I am with you." And with that Alex runs out the door and Liz wakes up.

"What was that about?" Liz wondered. That was some dream.