Title: Find out the Truth

Author: Raychell68
Disclaimer: None of character belong to me. All are property of WB and Jason Katims, well, except for the character Jennifer.
Category: Other, Everyone but main focus Liz.
Rating: PG
Part: 13
Summary: Liz finds out she is more important to the Pod Squad than she realizes.
Spoilers: What might happen with the death of Alex being predicted
Authors Notes: This is my first fan fiction, so, I welcome feed back.

(Max's Room)

Isabel is walking past Max's room when all of sudden she hears Max and Tess. Opening the door she notices Max and Tess sitting on Max's bed with a dazed express on their faces. "What's wrong with you two?"

Tess jumps up off Max's bed when she hears Isabel walk into the room. "I have to find Liz. I need to talk to talk to her now."

Isabel shocked by what Tess just said grabs Tess before she can leave the room. "Wait a minute Tess. Why do you need to talk to Liz? What is going on here?"

"She's my..." Tess begins to state.

"Sister." Max finishes.

Isabel looks at the both of them like they are crazy. "What do you mean Liz is Tess' sister? I am confused here."

Tess sits back down on Max's bed and begins to cry. "How could I have done that do her? How could I not have known?"

Max adjusts himself on his bed to where he is sitting next to Tess, and wraps his arm around her to sooth her. "Tess, that was another lifetime ago. You could not know that she was your sister." "You're wrong. I should have known. You knew!" Tess yells and gets up from the bed and away from Max. "You knew that you were suppose to be with her and not me. Did I? No, I just kept pressing that you and I were meant to be. That it was our destiny to be with each other while trying to push her out of the way."

Max gets up from the bed to talk to Tess while she is pacing the room. "Tess, you have to calm down."

Isabel stares at the scene in front of her wondering what the two of them are talking about and getting irritated that neither one of them is paying any attention to her. "Will one of you, please, explain to me what the hell is going on here!"

Max realizing that Isabel must be confused decides he better explain the situation before things get out of hand. "I am sorry, Iz. To tell it simply...Liz is Tess' sister and she was suppose to be my bride."

"Um, excuse me! How the hell is that possible?" Isabel asks with a shock expression on her face.

"I am not sure how it's possible. All I know is that somehow it's true," Max begins to state. "Tess and I were working on some memory retrieval techniques that Nasedo taught her, and during my memory retrieval process I saw a conversation I had with our birth mother about Liz. Except her name was not Liz it was..."

"Lila." Tess finishes for Max. "Lila was my sister actually she was my older sister and Max's future bride. Her and I were very close. I was with her when she was on her way to join Max for their upcoming marriage except she never got there."

"She never got there. Why what happened?" Isabel asked while still trying to digest what Tess just told her.

"On our way to the palace our entourage was attacked my Kivar's men. There was no mercy in the attack. They attacked fast and killed whoever was in their way. One of Kivar's men was about shoot me but before he could hit me Lila...I mean Liz, pushed me out of the way, and was hit in my place after that happened all the men retreated, and left me holding my dead sister. It should have been me not her," Tess sobbed. Isabel crossed over to where Tess was standing and pulled her into a tight embrace.

"Tess, it was not your fault. Liz or Lila was just trying to protect you. I am sure she would never blame you for what happened," Isabel said trying to calm Tess' sobs.

Tess sobs start to settle down and she pulls away from Isabel's embrace. "I know what you are trying to say but I have to see her. I have to explain to her and apologize and hope she will forgive me for what I did in that lifetime and what I have done in this one."

"We will all go," Max says. "I think it is going to take all of us to explain to Liz about all of this. Isabel why don't you try to call Michael and Maria and see if they meet us at the Crashdown. I think it would be a good idea to have them there for Liz."

All three of them leave to go find Liz and explain to her that her life is about to change along with everyone else's.