Title: Find out the Truth

Author: Raychell68
Disclaimer: None of character belong to me. All are property of WB and Jason Katims, well, except for the character Jennifer.
Category: Other, Everyone but main focus Liz.
Rating: PG
Part: 14
Summary: Liz finds out she is more important to the Pod Squad than she realizes.
Spoilers: What might happen with the death of Alex being predicted
Authors Notes: This is my first fan fiction, so, I welcome feed back.

(Las Cruses University office of Registrar)

Liz is standing at the counter in front of young person who looks like she is a student of the University while Michael and Maria are behind Liz listening to the exchange between them. "Are you sure there is no documentation of anyone named Alex Whitman from last fall. He would have only attended here a couple of months."

Sarah the student helping Liz looks at her and says, "I am sorry we don't have any records of anyone named Alex Whitman attending this University. Are sure he was here and not maybe University of New Mexico?"

"Yes, I am positive," Liz states. "Thanks for looking...wait, can I show you a picture maybe you might have seen him or his friend around campus." Liz pulls the picture of Alex and 'Jennifer' out.

Sarah takes the pictures from Liz and looks them over. "Wait, the girl doesn't look familiar but the guy...Yes, I have seen him before."

"You have! Where have you seen him?" Liz asks excitedly.

"I use to him all the time in the computer labs. Yeah, he was there all the time. I am sure of it."

"Thanks! Could you tell us where the computer labs are located sure?" Liz asks hoping they will be able to find more clues there about what Alex was working on and maybe find out 'Jennifer.'

"Sure. When you get of here turn right go down about four or five building and the building is located on your left hand side. You should be able to see it because there are signs everywhere." Said Sarah.

"Thanks for all you help," Liz says as she turns to Michael and Maria.

"Guess. We are taking a little trip to the computer lab," Maria says a bit brightly. With that being said they all rush out excited that have a clue to work off.



Max, Isabel, and Tess enter the Crashdown and look around a bit frantically for Liz, Maria, and Michael. Not spotting any of them they head over to their booth.

"Where could all three of them be," questions Isabel.

"I don't know. Why don't you try Michael's apartment or Maria's cell phone again." Max states.

"Max, I have already called Michael's place six times already not to mention leaving about three or four messages on Maria's cell phone," Isabel states a bit exasperated.

"Hey, there's Kyle maybe he has seen them," Tess points to direction of the Crashdown's entrance where Kyle just walked through by himself. "Kyle! Kyle over here!"

Kyle walks over to them and pulls up a seat to the Pod Squad's regular table. "Hey, guys, what's going on?"

Max looks at Kyle in more of irritated manner rather than friendly as he watches Kyle pull up a seat. Learning that Liz is his true soulmate makes the scene that he saw between Liz and Kyle almost unbearable. He calms himself down because he needs to find out if Kyle has heard from any of their friends. "Look, Kyle have you seen or talked to Michael, Maria, or Liz today."

Sensing the cold reception coming from Max Kyle starts to get a bit defensive. "I haven't heard or seen any of them, but even if I heard from Liz I think it might be best you stay away from her Max."

Max now starting to lose control glares at Kyle icily and begins talking in a low even voice brimming with anger, "Why should I stay away from her Kyle? Is it because you want to make a move on her while she is vulnerable state over Alex?

"What the hell are you talking about, Evans?!" Kyle hisses not wanting to make a scene.

"You know DAMN well what I am talking about!" Max begins to argue.

Tess and Isabel just sit there shocked just watching the scene between the two. Tess puts her hand up between Kyle and Max to try calm the scene that is about to happen. "Why don't you two settle down. This is not the time or..."

"Look, Evans, I am not trying to make the moves on Liz. Liz and I are just friends." Kyle states ignoring Tess' gesture.

"Just friends, huh. Friends who tend to sleep with each other!" Max counters.

"Wha..." Isabel looks at Max confused.

"That is what has you all worked up. You are still upset about all that," Kyle begins. "Here, Max, let me clue you in on something...Liz and I never slept with each other."

"WHAT!" Max and Tess yell out loud.

Kyle knowing he has already said too much, but can no longer take keeping this secret in decides now is the time for it to come out. Besides, a part of him feels a bit sorry for Max. Max might not be his favorite person, but overall Max is a good guy. "Look, I am not sure why Liz wanted you to think that we slept together but we didn't."

Max, Tess, and Isabel just sit there and stare at Kyle in shock. Isabel was the first to speak. "You and Liz slept together?"

"No, no. Liz and I never slept together. Liz just made it seem that way. The whole thing was staged. Somehow she knew that you were going to be coming to the balcony that night, and she asked me to help her out. She was in a towel and I was in my boxers. That's why it looked like we did...well, what you thought we did." Kyle says a bit nervous knowing Liz will kill him later.

"I don't get why she would do that to you, Max. She loves you." Tess says.

"Look, I don't know what her reason were for doing it. She never told me but I did get the impression that it was very important to her that Max believe her and I had sex." Kyle answers.

Max just sits there with a confused look on his face. Months of pain and anger disappear knowing that Liz and Kyle were never together in that way, but is now replaced with thousands of questions on why she would do that. Why would she push me away? "We need to find Liz and find out what is going on here."

"Look, there is Mr. Parker...why don't I go ask him if he knows where Liz is," Isabel offers. Before anyone can say anything she gets up and goes to the counter to go ask.

(Computer Lab)

Liz, Maria, and Michael enter the computer lab and look around. "Question. What are we doing here? And, what do we expect to find?" Maria asks Liz.

"Look, according to Sarah at the registrar she saw Alex here a lot maybe we can find someone who talked to Alex, and maybe...just maybe we can find someone who can give us a lead on this mysterious Jennifer," replied Liz.

"Okay, so, who should we interrogate first," Maria asked.

Looking around Liz sees a tall, lanky kid with glasses standing behind the information counter. "Well, we might as well go to the information counter." They all head over to the counter.

"Excuse, me...um, excuse me," Liz says trying to get the young man's attention.

"Oh, sorry, can I help you?"

"Um, yeah, I was wondering if you could take a look at a couple of pictures and tell me if you seen either one of these individuals." Liz asks.

"Sure," replies the young man. Liz hands over the pictures to him. "Yeah, I have seen them around.

"You have?" Liz says.

"Yeah, they use to come in here together all the time last fall," the young man states. "They use to stay and work here almost every day. Sometimes, they would stay till the lab closed.

"When was the last time you saw them in here," Michael curiously asked.

"Well, the guy I haven't seen in awhile but the girl I would say probably sometime yesterday afternoon...you know if you wait around she should be here any minute. She generally comes here around this time everyday."

"Really," Liz, Maria, and Michael all said at the same time.

"Yeah, I can run my watch by her she comes in that often."

"Thanks," Liz says. "Guess, we just sit and wait her."

"Well, I hope she comes soon because you and I both have a shift to work tonight." Michael said.



"What did you find out, Iz," asked Max to Isabel as she returned to the table.

"Nothing. All Mr. Parker knows is that she went off with Michael and Maria a couple of hours ago, but he did say that she should be back soon because she is suppose to work tonight," replied Isabel.

"So, what do we do now," Tess asked. "We can't just go home?"

"Tess, what do you want us to do...we can't just go after them. We don't even know where they went," answered Isabel.

"Why don't we just wait for them to show up," Max offered. "Liz's dad said she had to work tonight, so, she should be back here soon.

Kyle looks at all three of them suspiciously wondering what the sudden urgency to talk to Liz was about. "Guys, would one of you like to clue me on why we are waiting here for Liz?"

All three heads turn to Kyle. All of them forgetting that Kyle has no idea what they are talking about. "Well, to make a long story short Liz is my sister."

"Um, excuse me. Liz is your wha...?" Kyle said looking at all of them like they are crazy.

"Liz is Tess' sister and Max's true bride," Isabel answered for Kyle.

"What? How is that possible? Liz is not alien...is she?" Kyle said still looking at them like they are nuts.

"Look, Kyle, we are not sure how it is possible...all we know is that its true," Max stated.

"Okay, tell me, how did you guys find this out?" Kyle asked.

"Tess and I were working on some memory retrieval techniques. That's how we found out." Max answered.

As they are talking a waitress comes over to take their order. "Guess if we are going to be waiting around we might as well eat." Kyle told everybody.