Title: Find out the Truth

Author: Raychell68
Disclaimer: None of character belong to me. All are property of WB and Jason Katims, well, except for the character Jennifer.
Category: Other, Everyone but main focus Liz.
Rating: PG
Part: 19
Summary: Liz finds out she is more important to the Pod Squad than she realizes.
Spoilers: What might happen with the death of Alex being predicted
Authors Notes: This is my first fan fiction, so, I welcome feed back.

Everyone is sitting around the closed Crashdown waiting to hear what Mr. Parker has to say. Tess and Liz are sitting next to each other in the booth along with Jeff and Nancy Parker while everyone else is sitting in chairs surrounding them. Just then there is a knock at the door. Kyle runs to the door and opens it revealing Sheriff Valenti.

"I thought my dad should be here to hear what you have to say," Kyle says answering Mr. Parker stare.

Max seeing Mr. Parker curious look. "Sheriff Valenti knows about us and knows everything."

"Oh, I see," Jeff answers knowing there is a lot that he does not know about the people in room with him. "Jim, why don't have a seat. We are just about to explain everything we know to the kids here.

"Thanks," Sheriff Valenti says while grabbing a chair to sit next to Kyle.

"I am not quite sure where to start," Jeff Parker begins. "I guess I should start from the beginning. Nancy and I are from Antar the planet that five are from. We arrived here on earth in 1947. Unlike you our shuttle did not crash. We were genetically engineered like you guys except for Liz. Liz, was brought into the world naturally...well, somewhat naturally."

"How is that possible, Dad," Liz began to ask her father. "If I was conceived naturally than how can I be Lila?"

"Slow down, honey, we will get to that soon," Jeff answered not wanting to get too ahead of the story. When we hatched from our pods we came into contact with a local Native American who took us in. You might know his son, Riverdog," Jeff Parker says.

"How is that you hatched from your pods so soon. We did not leave our pods till 1989," Max asked Jeff Parker.

"That is what I don't understand. You were scheduled to hatch 20 years after arriving on earth. We were sent here and hatched first, so, we could survey this planet and make preparations for you prior to you leaving your pods. When we could not locate you right away we began searching for you. We thought you might show up around 1967 since that would be 20 years after our arrival, but when you did not show up and we could not find any sign of you we thought you might have been lost in the 1947 crash," Jeff Parker says.

"What I don't get is how you ended up with Grandma Claudia," Liz wanting to know how her grandmother fit into all of this. "Was grandma an alien too?"

Jeff Parker chuckled a bit to hearing that his adoptive mother might be an alien. "No, honey, your Grandma Claudia was human. Your grandmother was at the reservation when we arrived. When we arrived at the reservation the people there thought your mother and I were mute because we did not talk. When we left our pods we were about 5 years old, but had the minds of adults. We knew what our purpose for coming here was and held onto all our memories of our past life to help accomplish what we were sent here to do. Which was to find you four and prepare you for your roles...sorry, let me continue with how I ended up with your Grandma Claudia. Your grandmother taught us how to talk and taught us how to socialize with humans. She and your grandfather later adopted me and close friends of your grandparents adopted your mother. None of them knew what your mother and I were...except for your Grandma Claudia. Your grandmother learned about me when one day she and I were taking a hike. On our hike your grandmother tripped and broke ankle. Without thinking I healed her, and connected with her. She saw things about me and your mother's past life and our arrival here. When that happened I no choice but to tell her who and what we were.

Liz sat there in amazement not quite knowing how to take this all in. Her parents were aliens, and her Grandma Claudia knew. But she still did not know how she conceived. "So, how do I fit into this equation?"

Nancy decided that this is where she should do the explaining. "Well, sweetie, as your father said we searched for years for your sister and the rest of the royal four, but after a while we assumed they might have perished in the 47 crash. That is when we thought maybe we could try and bring you back. We had brought your essence with us before leaving Antar in hopes that maybe we could bring you back and join you with your sister and friends. There was a lab on our shuttle, so, your father and I went there to work on engineering you. We soon found without a pod it would be hard to genetically engineer you. That is when we thought if we could harvest one of my eggs and fertilize it we could combine your essence it with it, and inseminate me with it. Fortunately, enough it worked."

"Why didn't you ever tell me about this," Liz asked. "Was it because I was never suppose to be here." Liz began to cry learning how she was conceived.

Nancy walks around to the table and pulls Liz into a warm embrace. "Honey, no. We never told you because we could never be sure if you indeed where Lila, and did not want to confuse you. As for you not suppose to be here...that is not true. The scientist on our planet intended to bring back the whole Royal Court back, but with the attack that Kivar was leading they did not have enough time to engineer you. That is why we brought your essence with us. Honey, you are the key to bringing our planet together."

"Why? I don't understand is how am I suppose to be the key," Liz asked wondering what her importance to all of this was.

"Honey, you and Zan, I mean Max, share a unique kind of love. It is a love that transcends time and space. It was prophesied on our planet that your love would create a child that would bring peace and prosperity to our planet. When you died the dream died. It was hoped with the arrange married of your sister and Max would help that prophecy to come true, but what ended up happening was our downfall," Nancy Parker finished her explanation to Liz.

"I am sorry did I hear this right...Max and Liz are suppose to create a child that is suppose to bring prosperity and peace to our planet," Michael asked having a hard time believing what he just heard.

"Yes, that is prophecy. I know you all must have a thousand questions and if you like we like you guys to come back tomorrow morning, so, we can talk some more," Jeff Parker offered to everyone. "I will close the Crashdown tomorrow, so, we can speak more...besides, I think your parents might start getting worried...Tess, we would like you to stay with us tonight if you feel comfortable enough."

Tess looked at Liz, and then to the two people who are her parents. "Yes, I will stay tonight if it okay with you, Liz."

Liz saw the fear of rejection in Tess'. Reaching over and giving Tess' hand a tight squeeze. "I would love it for you to stay over...why don't you stay with me in my room, and we can catch up." Tess smiled and felt a wave of relief flow through her body.

Sensing that Mr. Parker was right about it getting late Max spoke first. "Mr. Parker is right why don't we go home, and come back first thing tomorrow...."

"Max what about going to Jennifer's..." Michael interrupted.

Max in turn interrupted Michael not wanting to reveal everything to Parker's just yet till he could learn more on what they know. "We can go there after our talk."

Michael clueing in on Max's thought agrees. "So, Cheesehead, feel like giving me a ride home?"

"Well, I have nothing better to do, Spaceboy...Jennifer why don't you come with us. You can stay at my house," Maria offered wanting to give Liz and Tess some time to themselves. Liz notices what Maria has done looks at her and gives her a smile and mouths thank you. Maria smiles in return.

"Umm, sure...as long as it is not a problem," Jennifer says being thankful for Maria's gesture.

"Naw, its not a problem...okay, we are going to head out see you guys tomorrow," Maria yells dragging Michael with her and Jennifer trailing behind them.

"I guess we should leave too," Isabel says taking her cue from Maria.

"Um, Max, could I talk to you alone for a bit," Liz asked wanting to speak with Max before he left.

"Hey, Isabel why don't we give you a ride home," Kyle offered wanting to give Max and Liz sometime to themselves.

"Thanks, Kyle...you don't mind, do you, Sheriff," Isabel asked.

"No, of coarse not," Sheriff Valenti said.

Isabel, Kyle, and Sheriff then left leaving the Parker's, Liz, Tess and Max in the Crashdown. "Honey, we are going to go up and give you an Max sometime, but don't be too late by the sounds of it we will have early morning," Jeff Parker said turning to head up stairs.

"We won't, dad...Tess, you know where my room is I will meet you up there. You can borrow one of my shorts and t-shirts to sleep in," Liz said. Tess nodded and followed Jeff and Nancy Parker upstairs.

Liz turns to look at Max, "Why don't we go up on the roof and talk. I feel like I need some air."

"Sure, sounds good to me."