Title: Find out the Truth

Author: Raychell68
Disclaimer: None of character belong to me. All are property of WB and Jason Katims, well, except for the character Jennifer.
Category: Other, Everyone but main focus Liz.
Rating: PG
Part: 20
Summary: Liz finds out she is more important to the Pod Squad than she realizes.
Spoilers: What might happen with the death of Alex being predicted
Authors Notes: This is my first fan fiction, so, I welcome feed back.

(Liz's roof)

Liz is sitting on her lawn chair not knowing what to say to Max. One minute she is pushing him away to save the world. The next minute she finds out that she is the key to their existence. "Why is this so hard," Liz thought to herself.

Max feeling the intense emotion coming from Liz feels like he should break the silence but doesn't know how. "God, she looks so beautiful sitting there. She is mine! I can't believe it she is mine and one else's. We are meant to be."

"I am sorry," Max and Liz both say at the same time, and both laugh at hearing that they said the same thing at the same time."

"Max, you have nothing to be sorry about," Liz begins to say. "I am the one that who should be sorry. I have spent months pushing you away and hurting you because I thought it was your destiny to be with someone else." Liz looks up and sees Max staring at her with soulful eyes that make her knees weak. All she can think of doing is running up to Max and just burying her head in his chest. Wanting to smell him and just be close with him. The months apart from him have been killing her.

"Liz, can I ask you a question," Max looks at Liz for her approval and she looks back at him and nods her approval. "Why did you lie about sleeping with Kyle...before you ask how I found out Kyle told me today. Don't be mad at him...it kind of just came out by accident."

Liz looks at Max with relief in her eyes. Relief because he knows the truth that she was never with Kyle, but now nervous because she has to tell him the truth not knowing if she or shouldn't. Taking a deep breath she begins to tell Max the events that lead up to him seeing Kyle and her in bed. She tells him how future Max came to her and said, "I need you to help me fall out of love with you." The night that broke her heart into a million pieces and her world turned upside down forever. After she finished her story Max stood there looking at Liz with nothing but love in his eyes. He crosses from where he was standing to where she is sitting. He looks at her intently and doesn't say a word. He cups her face and brings his lips to hers and kisses slowly but intimately. In that one moment they connect. Each feels the other pain and sees the events that have happened to each of them in their months apart.

"Liz, I am so sorry I did that to you...the pain you must have felt..." Max says before getting choked up with emotion.

"Shhh, Max. There is no one to blame," Liz says trying to comfort Max. She hugs him tighter so he will know that she does not blame him for anything. "I would do it all over again because Max, I love you and I would do anything for you."

"Liz, I love you," Max says. "You are my soulmate. There could never be anyone but you in this life, our past life, and our future life. You and I are forever." With that Max bends down and kisses Liz passionately.

Liz can't believe what is happening. For months she has been so alone not having Max with her. Now, he is there kissing her she can't believe it. Liz is the first to break the kiss. "Max, I hate to do this..."

"But, I should go," Max says finishing Liz's thoughts. "You're right. I should go. I hate to leave but we have our whole lives together. I love you, Liz Parker."

"And, I love you Max Evan!" Liz says before kissing Max again.