Title: Find out the Truth

Author: Raychell68
Disclaimer: None of character belong to me. All are property of WB and Jason Katims, well, except for the character Jennifer.
Category: Other, Everyone but main focus Liz.
Rating: PG
Part: 24
Summary: Liz finds out she is more important to the Pod Squad than she realizes.
Spoilers: What might happen with the death of Alex being predicted
Authors Notes: This is my first fan fiction, so, I welcome feed back.

Everyone in the room is shocked at what they see in front of them. Standing in the door way is Alex holding an unconscious Liz in his arms. Michael snaps out of his state of shock and remembers Maria has fainted at the sight of her dead best friend holding a limp Liz. Michael bends down to wake up Maria. "Maria," Michael says shaking her. "Maria...Cheesehead!"

Maria starts to come to and she opens her eyes and focuses on Michael. "Michael, I just had this awful dream. We were held hostage by Nicolas and he took Liz...then, I saw Ale..." Maria notices that she is lying down on a floor that is unfamiliar to her. She looks around and sees that her dream was not a dream. "Alex," Maria says jumping up and is about to run up to him when Michael stops her.

"Maria, no, we don't know who this person is...for all we know he could be a skin working with Nicolas," Michael says suspiciously. "Put Liz down and tell us who you are."

"Michael, calm down," Alex says trying to defuse the situation a bit. "I swear to you that I am Alex." Alex says still holding an unconscious Liz.

"You...you can't be Alex," Isabel says regaining her composure. "Alex died in a car accident."

"Iz, I swear I am Alex and I can explain everything, but first help me out here with Liz," Alex says before explaining to the rest of his friends why is alive and not dead like they had thought. Max crosses to Alex and takes Liz from him. Not sure if this is Alex or not Max wants to get Liz out of the arms of whoever is standing in front of them. Max takes Liz to the bed and lies her down gently.

"Liz, it's Max," Max says lightly shaking her trying to wake her. "Liz, you need to wake up." Slowly Liz starts to come to. She sits up on the bed and takes a look around the room. Her eyes fall on Alex and she begins to clear her throat to speak. "Alex? Is that really you," Liz whispers.

Alex walks from the doorway to the bed to talk to his best friend. "Yes, Liz it's me. It's really me." Alex sits on the bed, so, him and Liz are looking at each other eye to eye.

"Get away from her," Max says a bit forcefully not knowing if this stranger truly is their supposed dead friend.

"No, Max," Liz says. "This is Alex." Liz is not sure how she knows this but she does. She can somehow sense that this person is Alex.

"How do you know that is Alex, Liz," Max says not sure yet.

"Max, I am Alex," Alex says interrupting Max. "Liz knows because she can sense that I am telling the truth. Her powers must be kicking in now."

"How can you be Alex," Kyle starts to argue snapping out of his own state of shock. "We saw your body at the morgue."

"I will explain a bit briefly but I will explain more later. It is not safe to stay here because I am sure Nicolas will be back soon," Alex explains. "It was not me you saw at the morgue it was a husk."

"A husk?" Everyone says at the same time.

"I don't have time to explain this write now, but...yes, it was a husk," Alex answered to all his confused friends. "We don't have time to go into this now. We really need to leave."

"You guys, Alex is right...we should all get out of here," Liz piped in. "We can go back to the Crashdown and talk. Everyone nods their head in agreement knowing that it was probably better for them to get out of there as soon as possible.

"Wait!" Max said. "I don't think we should go back to the Crashdown just yet. I think we all need to meet somewhere away from parents...at least till we know the full story."

"So, where should we go," Kyle asked. "Should I give my dad a call?"

"Yeah, I think the Sheriff should be involved in this," Max in leader mode kicking in. "Liz, we will fill your parents in when know what is going on here...Kyle, do you think we could meet over at your place?"

"Yeah, I will give my dad a call to let him know what is going on." With that being said everyone heads out the door.