Title: Maria
Author: Tara/deah
Written: 8/12/00
Author's Notes: Michael's post break up poem

I clung to her last look-
Wrapping myself within,
Yesterday behind me,
Destiny before me;

Her eyes, pleading and raw-
I see in my sleep,
My goodbye,
The meaning dawning in them;

The smallness of her body-
As it laid against my arm,
I still feel, Phantom memories haunting me;

Alone I lay here-
Thinking of the river between,
The words that held us together,
Now have pulled us apart;

Voids filled by her-
Are open wide again,
Comfort has fled,
Sacrificed forever;

So, I take my pleasure-
Romancing the past,
of the days I felt wanted,
By the person I let go.