Roswell Crossword "Morning After"
1 2 3 4 5
8 9 10 11
1 Michael recommends this candy. (two words)
6 Topolsky substitutes in this class.
8 He is student athlete of the month. (two words)
12 Kyle Valenti's car is this color.
2 Liz tells Maria to sniff this.
3 Liz claims she will never look at these the same way again.
4 Liz drops this in Max's jeep, while outside Michael's house.
5 Isabel distracts Valenti by claiming to have this. (two words)
7 Michael is almost hit by Max with this. (two words)
8 Valenti retrieves this from a file folder.
9 Max jokes that he has a third ______.
10 Lix meets Max here, to stake out Topolsky.
11 Alex states that Czechoslovakia has existed for ____ _____. (two words)