Roswell Crossword "Pilot"
2 3
5 6
8 9
11 12
14 15
1 The month Liz Parker claims she died.
4 Maria sniffs this to reduce stress. (two words)
7 Max changes the appearance of this.
8 The shot is fired over a dispute about this.
11 Sheriff Valenti picks up an empty bottle of this. (two words)
14 Liz wore this in kindergarden. (two words)
16 When first introduced Alex is reading this.
1 Liz's biology teacher informs they will be talking about this.
2 Liz walks in on Max doing this.
3 Liz serves this to the cooky tourist gentleman in the begining. (two words)
5 Maria says her car is this.
6 Alex tells Isabel these are nice.
9 Kyle is beating on these when first introduced.
10 Michael pretends to do this to Maria.
12 Roswell High is the home of these - The Roswell ______
13 Liz Parker's cells are pink & Max's are this color.
14 Isabel melts this with her powers.
15 Sheriff Valenti was eight when his father discovered this.