Title: Cousins
Author: rfrose14
Written: ??/??/??
Rating: PG-13
Part: 1/4
Disclaimer: None.
Summary: There's a new killer in Roswell. How close to Max's family can he be?

“Have you ever seen someone smile and then your heart just melts and all the bones in your body fall apart? Well, that’s what Max Evans does to me. Now whenever he smiles at me I feel that way and I want him to hold me so I don’t collapse.” Writing in her journal always made Liz feel better.
“Liz,” came the familiar voice from the alleyway. “Liz, are you ready? My parents said it would be okay.” Liz walked over to her wall.
“Yeah” Liz responded. “I can’t wait.”
“There’s only one problem,” Max said as Liz climbed down the fire escape. “My cousins are coming over and my mom wants me to watch them while she, Isabel, my dad and my aunt go over her 5th wedding plans.”
“5th!” Liz said as she climbed into the back of Max’s jeep.
“My aunt has bad luck with men,” Max explained “but you don’t. You found me”. Liz smiled. She was glad to be with Max.
“I don’t mind watching them with you.”
“Great.” Max started the jeep as he turned off Liz’s street.
“Calm down!” cried Mrs. Evans as Max and Liz came through the door.
“Maxie!” A little girl about 5 or 6 came up to him and grabbed onto his leg as Max’s arms went in the air. Max heard Liz let out a slight chuckle.
“Sally, why don’t you go put up some of your stuff and I’ll take you guys out in the town and show you around,” Max told the little girl.
“Can we go get a new video game?” asked a little boy from across the room, who was also staring at the TV screen with a remote control in his hand as he played his game.
“Now Mark, you know I don’t have the money for that and I certainly won’t ask Max to pay for one,” His mother responded.
“Well, now that everyone’s here, why don’t I introduce you to everyone, Liz,” Max said as an older boy came down from the upstairs room. “That is Mindy,” he said, pointing to a toddler on the floor banging something. “She’s 2. That’s Sally and she’s 6,” he continued, this time pointing to the girl who had been so glad to see him. “This is Mark who loves video games. He’s 10. And that is Lucas. He’s 15.” Max turned to his aunt just as Isabelle started to introduce her.
“This is our Aunt Loretta.” Isabelle said.
“Guys, this is Liz.” Max said wrapping his hand in hers.
“Is she your girlfriend?” Mark asked in a leer.
“Yes.” Max answered, putting his arm around her waist as he pulled her closer to him. He heard Liz giggle again and Isabelle rolled her eyes. “You guys ready to go?”
“Where are we going first?” Mark asked.
“Well, if you want, we can go get something to eat.” Liz said as she looked at her watch. “I have to go to work for a while, if you don’t mind. I forgot. Maria and Michael went to go do something. I can pay for the kids.” “Cool,” Lucas said. Everyone else agreed. When Max closed the front door he told the kids to get into his jeep. Max pulled Liz toward him and said “Thank you for understanding that I have to watch the kids. I really wanted to spend the day alone with you.” Max pulled Liz so close their bodies rubbed against each other and they shared a passionate kiss.
“Oooooh.” Mark called from the jeep.
“ When you get older you’ll be able to enjoy this too!” Max told him. At the Crashdown the four children picked a table and sat down as Liz and Max went into the back. Liz slipped into the bathroom to put on her uniform. “Liz, you don’t have to pay for the kids. I can do it.” Max leaned against the door jam, waiting for her to come out.
“How about if we split it? Those kids are so sweet, and I want to help.” She called to him from the bathroom. “Max, can you get my antennae from the counter?” As Max picked up her head set Liz emerged from the bathroom. She walked over to Max and leaned against him. “Max, if you found Nasedo or the ship or a way back home, would you… er… I mean… what would you do?”
“Liz, I would never leave you.” Max responded, trying to reassure her.
“Even if Isabelle and Michael went?” she asked.
“Yes” Max answered. Liz couldn’t help but worry that she might lose him, so she buried her face in his chest and sobbed while his fingers ran through her hair, until they heard a loud crash. They both raced into the dining area in time to see a car in the area and one of the workers lying on the ground bleeding. Someone opened the car door, only to see a man with two silver iridescent handprints on either side of his head fall out of the car.