Title: The Long Ride Home
Author: Terri
Written: 11/19/00
Rating: PG
Part: 1/1
Disclaimer: Yes, I own the Roswell Characters. They all are on little strings that I control above the set. MAHaaaaaHaaaa. Ok, I have nothing to do with them & no money so suing is not an option here unless you want my dustbunny collection.

*Set right after Harvest*

In the Jetta

Maria: Let me get this straight...her husk is in my trunk?
Michael: Maria...
Maria: You put her husk in my trunk!
Courtney: I'm sitting right here.
Michael: What did you want me to do?
Maria: Burn it? Oops, I forgot, without it she'll peel until there's nothing left and won't be able worship you.
Michael: I held her skin in my hands.
Maria: So?
Michael: Not exactly a turn on, you know.
Courtney: Hello! I can hear you!
Maria: Could've fooled me.
Michael: What's that supposed to mean?
Maria: Need I remind you?
(Michael gives her a blank look)
Maria: The bathroom...the towel, Michael!
Michael: That was before her skin came off in my hand.
Maria: Jerk!
Michael: What?!
Maria: And if her skin had've stayed on?
Courtney: Uh, you can let me off right here. Michael: (looks straight ahead) I dunno maybe we would've made wild alien love.
Maria: What?!
Courtney: Really?
Michael: I told you the truth so I guess you want a lie.
Maria: (slaps him on the arm) Don't you ever say that again!
Courtney: You know what? You two are psycho!
Michael: Anyway, I think I'm the one that should be concerned.
Maria: (confused) What?
Michael: You and Max have been alone a lot lately.
Maria: You're joking, right?
Courtney: Yeah, he's got to be joking. Between that blonde and brunette he doesn't have the sanity to take on another one.
Michael: I dunno. What am I supposed to think?
Maria: Buy a clue, Michael. Your best friend, my best friend's ex-boyfriend and potential soul mate. I don't think so. It's like some weird kind of friend incest!
Michael: If you say so.
Maria: Oh, this is so like you.
Michael: Like me?
Maria: Yeah, the whole turn the tables thing to get the focus off of you...
Michael: Fine. (he pulls the car over and stops it) Do you need proof?
Maria: What are you doing?
Courtney: Oh no.
(Michael grabs Maria and kisses her. They continue to kiss while Courtney opens the door & gets out)
Courtney: Uh, I'll walk back. Thanks. (slams the door)
(ten minutes later, Michael and Maria let go of each other)
Michael: (looks around) Where's Courtney?
Maria: (looks around) I dunno.
(Cut away to: Courtney walking on the highway)
Courtney: Nobody should be subjected to that. Skin or otherwise.
The End